bc battery bc k900 evo battery maintenance bmw

bc battery bc k900 evo battery maintenance bmw

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BC K900 EVO is the only CAN-BUS compatible battery charger for lead-acid and lithium batteries: the "Pb-Acido CAN-Bus" and "Litio CAN-Bus" programs allow direct charging of the battery from the DIN 4165 series of BMW motorcycles with any 12V battery.
BC K900 EVO is ideal not only for the recovery, charging and maintenance of all batteries of motorcycles, scooters and quads, but can also be used for the maintenance of car batteries, and is designed to stay connected to the battery, without no risk and no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle even for months, when the motorcycle or the car remain unused. The selection of the charging program is very simple, just press a button to choose between the four available programs. The mode in use is visible on the LED bar and is kept in memory for later use.
The internal microprocessor automatically executes a multicycle charge algorithm (8 cycles for lead-acid batteries, 7 cycles for LiFePO4 batteries). The lead-acid algorithm allows the recovery of very weak batteries (1.25 Volt), the charge, the desulphation and the maintenance of all 12V batteries (traditional, gel, sealed ) from 1.2 to 100 Ah . The LiFePO4 charging program performs a fast and efficient charge, balancing the charge of the individual cells and allows perfect maintenance over long periods. Safety is guaranteed in every phase: in low temperature cases, detected by the integrated sensor, the POLAR charge mode is activated. BC K900 EVO supplies a maximum current of 0.9 Amp. Two LEDs inform the user of the charging cycle and any malfunctions. The device does not produce sparks and is protected against short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharging and overheating. The package includes a watertight cable with eyelets, to be left always installed on board the vehicle and a cable with insulated terminals. Universal 12/18 mm adapter included to recharge the battery from the cigarette lighter socket. Extended warranty of 3 years.

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